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Arrange your ADHD assessment

What to expect on an assessment?

It  takes between 45-90 minutes

You will be asked questions relating to hyperactivity and inattention among other behaviours.

You will  also be asked if you have a family history of ADHD, as ADHD is genetic.

How much does it cost?

We charge just £199 for the assessment and a computer report or we highly recommend the full version for £249 that includes a full 5 page written report

How we do it?

  • Clinical Interviews: Detailed conversations about experiences, symptoms, and medical history.

  • Rating Scales: Standardised questionnaires to assess ADHD symptoms and their impact on daily life.

  • Objective Measures: Performance-based tasks to assess attention, impulsivity, and other cognitive functions.

  • Clinical Observations: Observing the  behaviour and interactions.

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