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About Us

Personalised Coaching Designed for Your Success


Our team of expert coaches delivers personalised support & proven strategies to help you achieve your goals at work & home

Why Choose Support We Need?

🚀 Fast, Accessible, Affordable:

We remove barriers to support with convenient online coaching at an affordable price

🎯 Results-Driven Approach:

Get the tools and motivation to break free from overwhelming cycles and build sustainable habits for success

🌟 Your Needs, Your Plan:

Each coaching plan is tailored to your unique strengths, challenges, and ambitions

Your Success Starts Here

📊 Progress Tracking & Accountability:

Stay on track with measurable results and consistent support

🔄 Flexible Coaching Options:

Adapt to your schedule and preferences

🔍 Access to Specialist Coaches (ADHD, Therapeutic, Nutrition, Business, Career):

Expert guidance in specific areas to enhance your overall well-being and success

Our story that drives our mission

Our Journey

Several years ago, our founders faced challenges that tested our mental well-being. It was a difficult time, but it was also a period of immense growth and self-discovery. Today, we’re transforming those trials into triumphs

Our Mission

We established Support We Need, an online coaching platform, to empower individuals to deal with stress, set better goals, overcome obstacles, and ultimately become happier


Our Mission is to make it as easy, affordable & fast as possible to get support from the right mix of experts​

Our Founders & Our Promise To You

We’ve been in your shoes. We understand the challenges. And now, we’re here to help you find the joy in every day as stress free as possible


Joel Davis & Sharon Baker

Awards our founders have won include

Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA Winners,

FT Europe's Fastest Growing Company Winner,

INC 5000 Winner,

Forbes Business Council Member 2022

Red Herring Innovation Winner

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